Hidden Battles is a film that is meant to be shared and talked about, with your friends, family and community. We have different packages available to make hosting a screening easy, no matter if it’s in your living room, school, place of worship, library or community center.

Here’s How To Host A Screening:

  • Decide where you want to have the screening, and how many people you want to attend.
  • Purchase or rent the Hidden Battles package that is right for the size of the screening you are having.
  • Publicize your screening and invite friends: If it’s a private screening, call or e-mail your friends and family – mention that they can see a trailer of Hidden Battles and learn more about the film at If you are holding a larger, public screening, download the Hidden Battles Flyer, and put them around your neighborhood and consider charging a modest admission fee in order to offset your costs. Give or send out the free postcards that come with your Hidden Battles package.
  • The day of your screening, make sure your audio/visual equipment is working. Look over the Hidden Battles Discussion Guide to prepare for the conversation to follow.