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“Hidden Battles” now distributed by Filmakers Library

We are very happy to announce that “Hidden Battles” will join Filmakers Library’s roster of provocative and award winning films. Filmakers Library is a leading distributor of documentaries to educational institutions and libraries around the world. We like knowing that the film will continue to have a life while we begin working on a new […]

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Voices of Art: Iraq Veterans against the War

It seems that working with ones hands in a way that helps or creates has some kind of self nurturing power.

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“Hidden Battles” in Psychoanalytic Review

We just received our copy of The Psychoanalytic Review, wherein Robert J. Benton wrote a fantastic review of “Hidden Battles,” from the psychoanalytic perspective. The article thoughtfully desconstructs the characters in the film, as well as some it’s messages. Here is a striking passage from the article’s conclusion: It would be tempting to end this […]

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Zakaria Zubeidi is in prison again without cause

Zakaria, who appears in “Hidden Battles,” has been imprisoned for the second time with out cause. Years ago, Zakaria put down his guns in exchange for amnesty, and works with youth at The Freedom Theater of Jenin which he co-founded. Also the director of the freedom theater, Nabil Al-Raee has been detained for “suspicion of […]

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When Artists Work With the Wounded

In the tradition of Goya and other artists that depict scenes of war, The Joe Bonham Project is dedicated to illustrating the realities of wounded soldiers.  A recent  article in the NY Times goes into detail on the many benefits of the project, one of which is that the art world is being educated on the realities of […]

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Watch “Hidden Battles” for 99 cents in support of “Before the World Intruded” 4/25-5/3

In support of Michele Rosenthal’s book “Before the World Intruded,” we are offering “Hidden Battles” for 99 cents for one whole week! To view “Hidden Battles,” for 99 cents return to this page between April 25th and May 3rd, and purchase a stream of the film, which you will have access to for 3 days. “Before […]

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San Diego Veterans For Peace sponsors “Hidden Battles” online screening 3/30-4/1

From Friday March 30th at 7pm though Sunday April 1st at 7pm, you can watch “Hidden Battles” for only 99cents, here on this page. Come back between those times to purchase the stream, which will be available to you for three days after purchase.

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How service dogs help can with PTSD

I know what you are thinking. Sure, a friendly pet helps alleviate stress for those suffering from PTSD or depression. That’s true, but it’s not the only way a dog can help. I was surprised when I saw this story…

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Suicide and the US Army

Here are a few things we learned about suicide amongst military personnel from a round-up published through the Dana Foundation for Brain Research.

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When a significant other has a brain injury

This article in the New York Times explores how a brain injury effects marriages and relationships. Unless you know someone who has suffered a brain injury you may not immediately think that this is an issue. But often times a brain injury can change a person’s personality, not just their physical capabilities and comprehension.

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