Victoria Mills

Victoria Mills is an award winning documentary filmmaker as well as a full-time practicing psychoanalyst. Her first film, Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind, traveled the festival circuit in 2002. In conjunction with the film, she lead workshops with universities, national women’s organizations, and grass-roots community groups. As an analyst with 25 years experience, Victoria has worked extensively with people of different cultures who have experienced trauma, including those who suffered from the disaster of 9/11. She is also is a training analyst and on the faculty of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, and a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association, Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, and supervises graduate and PhD students at several universities.

Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind
Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind is a one-hour documentary that takes an unconventional look at the Mother Daughter relationship. Mirrors that Bind features interviews with women and girls of diverse ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The film re-examines the traditional role of motherhood and explores how these stereotypes interfere with a woman’s sense of herself.

The film has screened at several festivals and educational institutions around the country, and won an honorable mention at the Columbus International Film Festival.To obtain a copy of Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind, contact VSM Productions via email.

Hayley Downs

Hayley Downs is a documentary filmmaker, producer and fundraising/outreach consultant. In addition to Hidden Battles she Produced and Broadcast Edited Naturally Obsessed: the Making of a Scientist, a documentary about laboratory research by Dick and Carole Rifkind. Naturally Obsessed premiered on WNYC/Thirteen and is distributed by PBS International. Most recently she Produced J.L. Sert: A Nomadic Dream, a Spanish/U.S. co-production and directed by Pablo Bujosa.  Her installations and experimental films: Move, Coleslaw Wrestling and Boar Hog, exploring multi-generational Florida folk culture, have shown at underground film festivals including NY, Chicago and SF, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami and Art Basel. Her angst-filled teen journal was included in Mortified: Real Words, Real People, Real Pathetic, published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment.

Kathy Leichter

Kathy Leichter is a documentary film producer and director, fundraising and outreach consultant and media activist. Leichter is directing and producing Here Today, a documentary which follows Kathy’s quest to understand how living with her mother’s mental illness and losing her to suicide have impacted her as a woman, artist and ultimately as a mother. Previous films include, Passing On, the award-winning PBS documentary, A Day’s Work, a Day’s Pay, and has previously produced Spit it Out, and Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind. Leichter is the Project Director of The Workfare Media Initiative, a media activism project. For more information about Leichter’s work please go to twosunsmedia.com.

Lila Yomtoob

Producer of Marketing and Distribution/Sound Editor
Lila Yomtoob is a producer specializing in marketing and development, a filmmaker, and former sound editor. Most recently she co-produced Foreclosure, starring Michael Imperioli. Her feature length directorial debut High Life premiered at San Francisco Indie Fest in 2005, and she has made several shorts and viral videos that played in festivals and galleries across the country. As a sound editor, she worked on over 40 feature films, docs and tv shows, garnering an Emmy Award for sound editing HBO’s Baghdad ER. She has several projects in development. Visit yomtoob.com for more.

Bryan Gunnar Cole

As a director, producer, and picture editor Bryan Gunnar Cole’s work spans the full scope of media distribution and has been seen in theatres, festivals and television worldwide. His feature directorial debut, Day Zero starring Elijah Wood, Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal won international acclaim, and his feature documentary Boomtown premiered on the PBS showcase POV series. His television credits include programs for National Geographic (Search for the First Dog, Street Dogs, Crows), Discovery (Return to Penguin City), and Showtime (Unfurled). He is also a union picture editor with both feature and television credits including the acclaimed documentaries Another Road Home, Arctic Son, and The Sunshine; A&E’s First 48, PBS’s Texas Ranch House, and Lifetime Channel’s Women Docs. Bryan Gunnar Cole holds a BA in Film Studies from Yale University and a MFA in filmmaking from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Danae Elon

Director of Photography
Jerusalem-born Danae Elon graduated from NYU in 1995, was the recipient of the Kodak National Cinematography and Tisch Achievement in Cinematography Awards. Her first documentary Never Again Forever participated in over 20 international festivals, broadcast on Austrian TV and won awards at the San Francisco and Chicago festivals. Her second film, Wild Mint, screened internationally, and Cut was broadcast on Israeli TV, winning a cinematography award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Danae’s film, Another Road Home won numerous awards, was released theatrically in the United States in April 2005 and screened at many international festivals. Her latest feature documentary film Partly Private, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won Best New York Documentary.

Samantha Silver

Assistant Producer
Half anthropologist, half filmmaker, Samantha Silver has been working in film for 5 years exploring all stages of production across a variety of genres. With camera as her real passion she is currently working in New York as a camera assistant while making her own films.

Tina Flemmerer

Assistant Producer
Tina Flemmerer came to New York City from her native Germany in 2003 to study film. In May 2008 she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production from The City College of New York. Tina received awards for “Best Documentary” and “Best Documentary Editing” from the City College’s Media and Communication Arts Department for her thesis project Leslie Day – City Naturalist. In addition to serving as Assistant Producer on HIDDEN BATTLES, Tina is currently working on a documentary about a New York based Engineers Without Borders chapter and their work in bringing clean water to a health clinic in Matunda, Kenya. In the past Tina has worked on projects like Odd Ones Out, a feature documentary directed by Dana McClure, about trans-gendered youth in New York City, and Everything Turns, Everything Revolves, a documentary currently in production by the award winning independent media artist Dave Davidson, about the German Dadaist and avant-garde Filmmaker Hans Richter.

Carolina Correa

Associate Producer
Carolina Correa is currently a Field Producer for a national oral history project that airs every Friday on NPR. Carolina has over 12 years of experience in the television and documentary industry. She is an experienced editor and producer, having worked in both commercial and non-commercial television stations and is skilled in field and studio production, the many stages of post-production, and station operations in general. She worked as an Associate Producer for Emmy Winner PBS show Friday Zone. Carolina has a Masters degree in Media Studies from The New School University and graduated in Telecommunications from Indiana University in 2001.

Mar Trevino

Finishing Editor & Post Supervisor
M. Trevino is an editor, director and post-producer based in New York City. His short films have been screened in major cites throughout the United States including New York, San Francisco, Houston and Detroit. Currently, he is editing Doctors of the Dark Side, a feature length documentary focusing on medical complicity in torture in the United States Post 9/11. His documentary short, The Promised Land that explores a man’s journey trying to cope with his shattered dream of not being able to procreate in his own unique way, will make the film festival circuit in 2011. Mr. Trevino received an MA in Media Studies from The New School’s Media Studies Program in New York City where he was Department Fellow in Production. For more information visit mtrevinonyc.com.

Max Moston

Born in Moscow, Maxim immigrated to America in 1979. He was 13 when he made his debut at Carnegie Hall, and 16 when he hit CBGB. Since then, Maxim has divided his time between the classical and pop worlds as a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and producer. He was the recipient of the Boosey and Hawkes Prize for composition when he was 18. Maxim has written and co-written numerous songs and pieces of incidental music and has arranged and orchestrated countless songs for artists such as Antony and the Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright, Keren Ann and Josh Groban. Hidden Battles was his first venture into film scoring and he is immensely grateful to the creative team of the film for giving him an opportunity to discover a new passion. More information can be found on maximmoston.com.