Commonweal Magazine reviews “Hidden Battles”

Here’s a clip of a lovely review of “Hidden Battles” in Commonweal Magazine. سباق خيول Click here to read the full article.

…a quiet, poignant restraint is a key note of Hidden Battles, a graceful study of how the act of killing affects soldiers’ mental health. A recent showpiece on the film festival circuit, Hidden Battles interweaves encounters with five fighters who have experienced long-term repercussions of using lethal force. Sensationalism is virtually absent, war footage aside: the documentary contains no explicit accounts of domestic crises, no interviews with therapists, no solemn voiceovers weighing in on posttraumatic stress disorder. ما هو الكازينو Instead, it suggests emotional and spiritual turmoil by more subdued means… عدد قوارير البولينج

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