What people are saying about “Hidden Battles”

Wonder what people are saying about “Hidden Battles?” We’ve been getting great feedback from around the country. We would love to hear what you think – email us your thoughts at info@hiddenbattles. In the meanwhile, wanted to share these kind words with you.

“Hidden Battles” is a timely and evocative documentary that looks beyond political rhetoric and polemics to focus on the very real human cost of war; any war. Poignant, engaging and disturbing, director Victoria Mills posits an important message about the real cost of killing another human being. العاب بنجو Brilliant and highly recommended.”

George T. Marshall,
Executive Director/CEO
Rhode Island International Film Festival

“Poignant, fascinating, and stripped clean of film cliches about combat experience, Hidden Battles gets to the heart of how five very different former soldiers carry the burden of killing.”

Martha Davis
Forensic Psychologist and Director
“Doctors of the Dark Side”

“’Hidden Battles’ is an excellent film about war and the after effects of war. By telling the stories of the soldiers of war, of those who have killed, and how they cope with their killing after the shooting is over, Victoria Mills allows the film-goer to enter the lives of these people and to realize ‘that could be me.’ I think this film is very relevant for courses in sociology, criminology, political science, and psychology. But I also think it is important viewing for all Americans so we start to understand the toll war has on those who return.”

Professor Stephen Gibbons
Western Oregon University

“The complex and sometimes conflicting emotions they express about their combat experiences challenge facile assumptions about the psychological impact of war. Recommended viewing for any class that covers war.”
Dr. Holly Arrow
Director, Psychology of War Lab
University of Oregon

“Every veteran in America should see this powerful documentary.”

Barry G. Campbell
CEO and Founder
Veterans Quality of Life Access Network

“Hidden Battles” is a powerful testimony to war and it’s effects on those who fight in them. No matter what the reason, the human spirit and soul becomes darkened and scared. The journey out of that darkness is a long and difficult. “Hidden Battles” goes to different parts of the world to reveal the journey of men and women in this fight to find meaning in their war experiences. المتاهلين من اليورو The world needs to see this film. اللاعب جريزمان

Shad Meshad
National Veterans Foundation

“Hidden Battles” offers inspiring examples of how different veterans coped with and continue to cope with the demons of war. It is a film I have recommended and will continue to recommend to those who work with and care about veterans. Director Victoria Mills lets the veterans speak for themselves, without analytical voiceovers or editorial comments— offering fresh insights into the complex ways war and combat can affect those who survive it, and the impact combat trauma ultimately can have on military families.

Robert M. Wilson
Executive Director
Veterans Education Project

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