Women Veterans Health Fair promotes mental and physical wellness

Last Saturday, the Rapid City Regional Hospital in South Dakota and the VA hosted a fair focused on taking care of female veterans to increase awareness of their struggles and improve their quality of life. Dr. Sally Weyer gave a presentation at the fair and explained that female veterans in particular may have underlying hostility that puts them at risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

Some examples of how women can maintain their health and reduce disease include staying centered through exercise and meditation, deep breathing exercises and progressive relaxation. Weyer demonstrated progressive relaxation by having the audience picture a peaceful place, imagine a restful color, or focus on a phrase to help them release stress and “stay in the moment.” Weyer explained how by simply adopting a different mindset, an individual can effectively manage issues involving anger and depression.

“No feeling is final; things can and will change,” she said. “Staying centered can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce stomach disorders and deal with sleep issues. Think about where you store your stress and work on reducing tension in that area.”

A local yoga studio is offering free classes to veterans in the area as part of the Yoga for Vets program.

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