“Hidden Battles” in Psychoanalytic Review

We just received our copy of The Psychoanalytic Review, wherein Robert J. Benton wrote a fantastic review of “Hidden Battles,” from the psychoanalytic perspective. The article thoughtfully desconstructs the characters in the film, as well as some it’s messages. Here is a striking passage from the article’s conclusion:

It would be tempting to end this review on an upbeat note about how the film shows us the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit. But, while that is true, the film also shows the lasting scars that war trauma leaves. These soldiers will never be completely free of their internal battles with the residue of their war experiences.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someday, however far in the future, instead of working to heal soldier’s war traumas, we might have worked enough on ourselves and our own unconscious destructive desires to be able to avoid war altogether?

Read the full article here:

“Hidden Battles” in The Psychoanalytic Review





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