Action Alert: The Detention of Zakariah Zubeidi

If you have seen “Hidden Battles,” you are familiar with Zakariah Zubeidi. He is the soft spoken Palestinian man in the film who put down his guns in exchange for Amnesty from the Israeli government. According to Ha Aretz, the Israeli government has rescinded his pardon with no cause and he has been detained. Since his pardon, Zakariah has been working with the Jenin Freedom Theater, a safe space where young people can express themselves through theater instead of violence. Several members of the Freedom Theater have been detained, the theater has been ransacked, and the founder, Juliano Mer Khamis, was murdered in April 2011.

We are concerned about Zakariah’s safety and whereabouts. We also want to know why he is being detained. It is important to take action:

  • call and e-mail the Israeli Embassador to the United States
  • call Israeli and Palestinian officials
  • repost and forward this information

Here is contact information as well as a sample letter you can copy and/or edit:

  • The Israeli district commanding officer: +972 (0)4 6407312
  • Taiseer Shrakah – Palestinian Authourity (PA) representative: +972 (0) 599800009
  • Israeli Embassador to the US, Michael Oren, 202 364 5500 or,


Dear Ambassador Oren,

Today I read about the detention of Zakariah Zubeidi, a Palestinian man who was granted Amnesty by the Israeli government in exchange for putting down his guns. He has since worked with the Freedom Theater in Jenin and states that he has not violated the terms of his pardon.  The reason for his detention has not been stated and his location is unknown. I am deeply concerned about Zakariah’s safety and well being and would like a statement to be issued that clarifies the reason for his detention. If no reasonable cause can be stated, I demand the release of Zakariah Zubeidi so he can return to his family and community. I also ask that Israeli forces end harrassment and attack of the Freedom Theater. The Freedom Theater is a safe space for young Palestinian people to express themselves in a non-violent manner and should be respected and protected.





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