Unconventional (and adorable!) Aid for Veterans

Soldier’s Best Friend is an non-profit organization that works to connect service dogs (or Therapeutic Companion Dogs) with veterans suffering from PTSD. SBF’S founder, Dr. John Burnham, feels that the intense human-animal bond can help ease a veterans transition back into society by providing a calming effect or comfort barrier when faced with anxiety or panic. The organization also hopes to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem in the United States. The FAQ section of the Soldier’s Best Friend website explains that 80% of veterans who participate in the program show improvement.

Program participant, Jerry Sweet from Phoenix, AZ explains how his dog Max has aided in his recovery, “I just feel like I got a life now. He’s brought my life back to me. The biggest thing he’s changed in my life is that at night, when I have nightmares from Vietnam, he wakes me up.”

To read a recent article from myFOXphoenix.com on SBF, click here.
For more information or to donate to Soldier’s Best Friend, visit their website at http://www.soldiersbestfriend.org/




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