Veteran walks barefoot across the US

Ron Zaleski, a Marine Corp veteran, walked across the United States and is now on his way to Washington, D.C. to bring awareness to veteran’s mental health. Zaleski’s goal is to institute mandatory counseling about post-traumatic stress disorder before soldiers are discharged.  As he walks, he wears a placard with the number 18, representing the average number of veteran suicides per day. Zaleski explains that the US spends a lot of money training people to go to war and “It’s a mission of equal importance … that when they come home, we stand up for those who stood up for us.”

“Some people tell me they’re sick and tired of hearing about veterans’ issues,” Zaleski said, “I say we’re going to hear about it until we do something about it. It’s something we keep overlooking. We keep doing the same thing and getting nowhere. People think they honor a soldier by naming a road or a bridge after him. But the best way to honor the dead is to take care of the living.”

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