HUD Allocates $58 Million to Help Homeless Veterans

A press release issued by the United States Department of Defense declares a plan to get an estimated 131,000 homeless veterans and their families off the streets within the next five years.

The plan outlined his desire to attack homelessness at the top of the “downward spiral,” addressing mental health, substance abuse and unemployment before veterans become homeless…

Homeless veterans can receive the rental vouchers through their local VA medical center. Case managers at each hospital refer eligible veterans to local housing authorities, which will then assist veterans in finding adequate homes.

Eligibility for the vouchers is determined on a case-by-case basis, and requirements vary by metropolitan area, Brian Sullivan, a spokesman for HUD, explained in an interview today.

Let’s hope that the system they are creating will give stuggling veterans some peace of mind and not catapult them into a mass of red tape.

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